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    Events Calendar

    Want to see me
    and my work at a
    convention, craft fair,
    or other event?
    Here's where
    I'll be appearing!


    Contact Info

    If you'd like to order something you saw at my booth at an event
    that isn't in my Etsy shop, or if you'd like to place a custom order,
    use one of the methods below to contact me:

  • Contact me on Etsy

  • Send me an ask on Tumblr

  • Message me on Facebook

  • Email me at

  • Events Calendar - Contact Info - Info & Policies

    Info & Policies


    For snail mail/offline payments, I accept
    cash (concealed and mailed at your own risk)
    and money orders
    (will be authenticated before shipment).

    For online payments, I accept credit cards,
    balance transfers, and echecks (must also
    wait to clear) via Paypal. I can also accept
    credit cards via Etsy (for items purchased through
    my Etsy shop) and in person at events via Square
    (provided the event location has sufficient
    cellphone reception).

    I'll give my relevant payment
    name/address/etc. as necessary.

    Note About Environment:
    All items come from a smoke-free home
    with two cats(kept from the for-sale
    items). However, sometimes stray cat
    hair makes its way onto sewn items.
    While I do my best to keep all items
    cat hair free, you may want to wash or
    surface wash fabric items before wearing
    or cuddling, if you are allergic.

    Trades and Haggling:
    As a business I usually can't vary
    my prices too much or trade items,
    but it never ever hurts to ask!


    Shipping prices are NOT included in the
    item prices unless specified.
    Contact me by PMing through the forum/site
    that directed you to this page, or
    by emailing ,
    and I'll get back to you with shipping and
    payment options. I offer tracking and insurance
    separately (at extra cost) as they are
    available to me (not available with all options).

    I generally use USPS, though I'll use UPS or
    FedEx if you want - just let me know.

    I'll ship worldwide;
    I just need a valid address.
    Please be aware of your own country's
    import fees and restrictions before buying,
    and that international shipping can be
    costly even for items that don't weigh much.

    I ship from Colorado Springs, CO
    (US zip code 80919).

    I ship on Tuesdays and Fridays AT LEAST.
    If I can ship your order more promptly,
    I most certainly will.

    Layaway and Payment Plans:
    Yes, I'll do lay-away, even long-term.
    However, I need payments to be regularly
    scheduled, and
    So, be sure you can complete a layaway
    payment plan before you start, because
    I can't give any of it back.

    Remember, if you are commissioning
    custom services, your first payment
    must be half of the total estimated
    cost of the item, and changing what
    you want will change the cost of the
    item even after work has started
    at the original price.
    Second and further payments may be
    lesser divisions of the total estimate,
    so long as they arrive regularly. To
    skip or make late payments is to end
    the commission and forfeit all payments
    previously made without refund, so
    commission carefully!
    See contract (online soon!) for details.

    Refunds, Returns, & Cancellations:

    If your item does not arrive within six weeks
    of shipment, I'll refund payment in full.
    (I've never yet had anything completely
    lost in the mail - things always turn up, and
    it's only ever been a worry at all two or three
    times in the past 12 years.)

    Excepting issues on my end,
    there are no refunds on custom services.
    Other issues will be handled on a case-by-case
    basis. Problems must be reported within 30 days
    of receipt of the order to be considered for
    a full or partial refund. Unless there is an
    issue, I cannot accept returns.

    If you wish to cancel your order and have not
    paid, just let me know. If you wish to cancel
    your order and have already paid, there will be
    a 20% fee (this may be waived under extraordinary

    Please be aware that due to this being the
    only way I have to make money at the moment,
    immediate refunds will likely not be available.
    You will receive your refund as soon as I have
    it to give you.


    ...Is appreciated! Kindly leave feedback
    on the forum/site that directed you to this
    page, as appropriate. I may eventually
    include feedback on this site, but at present
    I don't have enough unrelated to any other site.

    And by all means, let me know if there are
    any problems, and give me a chance to
    make things right! It's impossible for me
    to try to fix a problem I don't know about.

    I take my selling seriously - I've built up
    a feedback of 1203, 100% positive, on Ebay
    over the past decade - so buy with confidence!
    I'll list my feedback on other sites
    here as it becomes available.

    Events Calendar - Contact Info - Info & Policies

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